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    My girlfriend an I have Visors on the same computer with windows xp. All the data syncs up fine when I hot sync, EXCEPT my treo 600 takes here user name. I've switched the names on the computer, deleted users and tried to resync having the computer override the treo, but no go. It won't recognize. There's probably an easy answer out there, but I'm stumped. help.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Help please
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    It matters in this question - where is your data on the PC - in Palm Desktop or in Outlook?

    Bottom line is - you have to rename one of the handhelds. I suggest you do it to the Visor.

    Try Shortcut dot 5 on the Visor. This should remove its username and next time you synch it will demand a new name.

    The situation is more complicated if you both share an OUtlook account; that's why I asked.
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    The data is in Outlook on the computer and all the info syncs correctly, it just changed the user name on the treo. My problem is now when I goto work to sync it asks me if I want to set up a new account because it only sees my girlfriends name. If theres a way to change the user name directly on the treo rather than syncing I think thats my answer.
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    The shortcut command wont work on the Treo. I suggest you rename the other handheld. Then go into Outlook and add a note in the PocketMirror folder (looks like a yellow note in your folder list) with your girlfriends username exactly as it appears in the HotSync application on her Visor.
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    I tried this last night and got the treo to sync to the proper name, but now I can't get the visor to sync at all. It's not connecting to the laptop.

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