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    I need an unlocked T-600, primarily for use with a US carrier, but also to allow use in Europe and India. It looks like T-Mobile will provide the cheapest data service within the US, and the best international roaming possibilities, in case I don't use a local carrier within the countries I'm visiting. However, T-Mobile phones are locked, and many posters to this forum believe that some Cingular phones are not locked. Given that has $500 Cingular phones (w/out service), unlocked phones on ebay are about $600, and direct online prices are > $700, I really like to know if all current Cingular T-600s are unlocked.


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    According to my sales rep, all their quad band phones are unlocked. As of right now, it includes the Treo 600 and the Motorola V400.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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    Third Cingular T600 and all were unlocked!
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    I received my cingular t600 from and yes it is unlocked. I am using it with my tmo plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mombaza
    I received my cingular t600 from and yes it is unlocked. I am using it with my tmo plan.
    Out of curiosity: did you have a Cingular plan when you purchased the t600 / Cingular / Phone-only (not new service/extension) ? I tried to purchase this phone from letstalk and it appears that they expect you to provide Cingular plan info before shipping the phone to you.
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    No, I do not have a cingular plan. I purchased the phone only option for $399 w/o activation (1 month ago). They did ask me if I had a cingular service and I said no. They did ship the phone with a new cingular sim card, i guess, hoping that I would activate it.
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    i have a cingular unlocked phone that i use a tmo plan with. it works great, however, there are times when i have to 'reset' the connection to make it work. to do this, i must go out of wireless mode, then restart wireless mode. when i hit browser or mail, it tries to connect to the vpn first, gives me an error, then works fine.

    anyone else out there experienced similar problems and have a work around? there is no need to default to the tmo vpn upon initialization, and i can't figure out how to reorder the connection progress.



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