I have a GSM Treo 600 (Hardware A) on Orange in the UK. I upgraded to the 3.04 INT "unofficial" firmware, and find it to be much better than the standard Orange version - I don't find the Orange branding very useful anyhow, and the bug-fixes and improvements are more than worth it.

As the Orange-branded "official" release isn't available yet, but the Cingular 3.05 one is, I was wondering what the differences are:

1) Between 3.04 and 3.05 firmware.
2) Between the Cingular-branded and INT versions.

If there's nothing that Cingular have removed from the standard GSM software suite that's included in the INT version, and 3.05 fixes a bug of some kind in 3.04 (which I assume is the case?), is it worth me upgrading to the CNG 3.05 version until the offical Orange one (or an INT one) is available? Or should I stick with 3.04 for the time being?