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    OK, first off, sorry if i'm making some kind of faux-pas here by posting these pics.

    i just took delivery of my proporta Alu hard case for the treo, purchase off ebay coz it was cheaper that buying direct from proporta (marginally).

    dunno how much this has been discussed on here, but i noticed very few detailed pics and descriptions of this one, so this is by way of a kind of pocket review.

    the case itself feels pretty colid when the treo is in there and the case is closed, it's got a good feel to it, but alas, the finish scratched very easily, and mine already has scuff marks on it, but i'm not too fussed, i keep the damn thing in my pocket with coins and keys anyway. it's got cutouts on the front for the 5-way and the speaker, on the top for the SD card, alert switch, ir and wireless mode key, on the back for the reset, camera and conference speaker, and on the bottom for the hotsync, mic & hands free.

    interior is neoprene cushioned, like the Gameboy SP case that proporta have done (which i also own) which feels very very snug, the treo has no room to spare and feels well seated in the case itself. inside the case door there's a slot to keep yer SD/MMC card in. the one i got had a belt clip with the detachable lug being screwed into the back of the case, nice idea but the belt clip didn't feel like high build quality, so i unscrewed the lug from the case within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box.

    that's about all there is to say about the case, the only bad thing about it is the hinge on the damn thing, feels a bit shaky, not very tightly done at all, which is a real shame as the gameboy case i mentioned earlier felt very well made and very tight open or closed.

    overall not bad for what i paid for it, available here for around 30.

    AJ, hopefully filling a gap in info about the case, otherwise, sorry to have wasted yer bandwidth
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    i bought one, i find it very awkward to use and i worry about it slipping out of my hands. it would have been better if the lid folded backwards rather then to the side.
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    yeah, definitely, it certainly interferes with the thumboard use when open, and the shakiness of that hinge is worrying when using the thumboard.

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