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    a question i had .. from a technology/curiosity point of view.. how is it that certain samsung phones recorded voice messages of great length to the phone and took minimal space up. Do sanyo samsung phones use some special proprietary comprression methods because even an audio clip rapidly fills up free space on my palm. same could be asked about the video that the new sanyo phones take. how can they store so much audio and video with the space available on those phones. when i use apps (wonderful apps i must stress) like MovieRec and SoundRec i see short clips fill large amounts of space very quickly so of course i am curious as to why.
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    You answered your question in your question. Compression.
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    I suspect they have hardware compression (i.e. chips designed for the purpose) whereas Ryan would have to write a software compression algorithm for the programs you mention, and the 144MHz processor in the Treo is simply not powerful enough to do the compression in real-time. (He mentioned in another thread that he'd have to get it down to 20:1 to write to the SD card in real time, which he didn't think he could do on the Treo's processor).


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