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    Well, I've tried and tried, but have come to the conclusion that Blazer is a much better browser.

    There's no way to surf on WebPro 3.5 without eventually needing the stylus.

    Plus the speed of WebPro on my device is not significantly faster than Blazer to warrant having it at all. In fact, Blazer is faster downloading many pages.

    I also found out that when trying to input text, as in posting on forums, once you reach a certain number of characters, the entire post stops being visible on the window and there's no way to scroll it up or down.

    So WebPro is no more.
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    if u want speed... try using webpro 3.0a or 3.0c. both support web proxies and are much faster than blazer as a result. do a search for 'webpro' in TC to find it.

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