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    Ditto. Headset is the feature I'd use the least with bluetooth. My Prius supports hands-free dialing & phone list importing with the right bluetooth phones, so that's the first thing I'd want to be able to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadjet
    Bluetooth and the Treo 600 by a TreoCentral Fan.
    First off thanks for all your help and advice as on the various threads around this excellant forum.
    I am using the Bluetrek now all the time, and it works fine.
    What you need is a Bluetrek bluetooth headset and dongle,the Dongle plugs into the 2.5 mm heaphone jack and tramits to to the headset via bluetooth.
    The standard headset should come with BT07 Dongle and is easily available via cost about $85=56-ish.
    GoTo for details on both.
    Once you have these 2 items you can then keep the supplied headset or get the new Bluetrek G2 as I have, then sell the original headset back on E-Bay!
    How you can to configure the Bluetrek, already I also used the film of the manufacturer trying to configure, would have some tip beyond the manual that I am not using?
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