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    I am relatively new to this board and to the treo 600 in general.

    I get my service from Sprint and use the BizConnect software to access my companys email through outlook.

    Everything works fine when I am out of the office and my laptop is plugged into our server.

    The problem I have is when I bring the laptop with me.

    Is there a way to access my email directly from our server and not just the email that sits at my laptop?

    Is there a different program that will work.

    Accessing my email was the initial reason I made the switch to the Treo

    Thanks for your assistance and help
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    I access my companies server through web outlook because I have t-mobile which does not have the business connection. I am able to get into the website with web pro, not blazer, and can access all my folders, email, etc... no problem. This is a possibility if they have web outlook set up. It's not a great solution but maybe will do for now.

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