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    ok, giving the T6 another shot!! i'm currently a blackberry user as biz email is most important for me. i returned my last T6 because i couldn't gain access to my INBOX SUBFOLDERS which are of extreme importance to me (i don't want to have my inbox cluttered with the 10's and 100's of bloomberg messages/emails i get each day, so i keep them separate). but some folks have offered suggestions such as BASE-JET and others. i can also see my bloomberg messages on the internet (but it requires a few more prompts), so not the worse thing in the world. i ask of all of you pros the following:

    1) INBOX SUBFOLDERS: i would like to be able to see ONLY the emails that get pushed into them (via MS Outlook rules wizard). i suppose software allows for this? any other way of seeing those emails? i don't want to push my emails to pop email or the like (to see over the internet), i just want to be able to view the emails that get sent to one of the Inbox subfolders.

    2) what are the most important first mods/buys for this thing? a case? a memory card (what is that good for?)

    3) any MUST have software applications?

    4) any other suggestions to keep me happy this go around?

    thanks in advance, your suggestions are most appreciated.
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    I just set up Goodlink on my company server. it does everything Blackberry does, and you get Palm functionality as well. All sub folders are synched. I highly recommend it.
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    thanks, Fuzzy, unfortunately, our firm will not entertain the Goodlink software.

    any thoughts on basejet? i suppose i'll just download it and find out for myself.

    additionally, do u know of any way to minimize the font sizes on this thing? especially in the email area.

    thanks again!
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    How about Synchrologic? We use it and find it superior, even to GoodLink. Mind you, it's far less publicized than Good is. I suspect it's not available for single-seats, however.

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