I have been having intermittent problems on the AT&T wireless network. I have been looking for posts that describe a similar issue, but haven't found one like this.

I can make and receive calls just fine, and according to the data service folks at ATT, my device is registering on the network just fine. My connection logs seem to be normal (I have an IP address, gateway and DNS entries assigned when I connect), but I am basically unable to browse the web or retrieve email. the tech support at ATT was relatively useless -- reset, soft reset, hard reset (lather, rinse, repeat...) to no avail.

I reverted to FW2.12 and SW1.11 using some resources on the web, but also no luck. The next step is to have it replaced, I guess. Any ideas? Could there be one file corrupted that might cause this, or should I just give up on it?

Any help is appreciated....