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    Does anyone know of personal finance software for the Treo that will let you download/sync directly to your bank account via online banking? This would be as opposed to using Quicken or MS Money as a conduit. I'm looking for something simple for my wife to use and having to download transactions from the web, then import them to Quicken, then sync her Treo to pocket quicken/splashmoney is a little too much - she would never do it.

    I know it is possible to just look up the account via the Web on the Treo, but I have the "free" t-zones that doesn't give you access to secured sites. I really don't want to have to spend more each month on cell phone bills if I can help it. Also, it would be nice if the data were transferred via a sync, anyway, because the web access on the Treo is slow.

    I would even be willing to change banks if there is a bank out there that has some special setup for banking via PDAs.

    I have looked and looked for something like this, and maybe it doesn't exist, but I've thought that before and someone here has pointed me in the right direction.

    Another question might be for those who do use their Treos for online banking via blazer - how do you like it? Is it workable or frustrating? If it is super-fantastic, I guess I might be willing to pay T-Mobile even more per month than I already do.
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    I haven't heard of such a program. I don't think you're going to find any bank (or at least any bank you'd want to use) that didn't use a secure server for their online banking site.

    The closest I've seen to what you want is Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Anywhere. It used to be a PQA, but now you can access it directly with a browser. The pages are formatted for the it's actually relatively fast and easy to use.
    I have tried using other banking webpages, but if they're not formatted for a mobile device they're very frustrating to use.
    There might be some other banks that provide mobile pages...somewhere along the line I think I remember Wells Fargo did.
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    I think Fleet Bank also has online banking you can access via your pda. However they have just been bought by Bank of America so I don't know the status of this anymore. Might be worth a look ...
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    Dear Spark76,

    I use ESL Federal Credit Union here in Rochester NY. And I have to say... I love PDA banking! To me it IS super-fantastic.

    I went to buy furniture last year and was in line to pay. I knew I didn't have enough money for the living room set in my checking account, but had more than enough in my savings. Whipped out my Treo 300 (at the time) dialed up my banks (ESL) PDA online banking system webpage, within 2 minutes transferred the funds I needed to my checking, was next in line and paid. What could be more convenient.

    My suggestions:
    1- If you are satisfied with your current bank, ask around and make sure that they don't have a PDA specific "banking system", i.e. a PDA specific webpage for banking use. Most customer service reps have no idea that they offer PDA services. It's better to ask a second time, than to not ask at all.
    2- If you need the PDA access, and your bank doesn't offer it, find one that does.

    Banks that use a PDA specific sized webpage for transactions are best.

    Dave Lindberg

    P.S. What bank are you currently with?
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    What about Pocekt Quicken? Doesn't it allowyou to connect to your bank via web and sync via GPRS to your Pocet Quicken data? I do not know for sure if it has this functionality...but I am guessing that it does
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    I just called Landware...the maker of Pocket Quicken. They said there is presently no support for the Tre 600. Also this software has no present functionality for connecting to your bank account via GPRS. Both Treo 600 and GPRS connection to Bank account are on the dockets, but with no present deadline or release schedule.

    Maybe there is something else out there that already does all of this stuff??
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    Quote Originally Posted by kschoenberg
    There might be some other banks that provide mobile pages...somewhere along the line I think I remember Wells Fargo did.
    I have requested that Wells Fargo provide this. I have used the regular site from Palm Web Pro but it isn't very practical.

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