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    I have the latest version 3.00b7 april 7th I think. I can search the white pages but when I search the yellow pages it either gives me an error message or soft resets. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    mine has been working perfectly lately. if you uninstall it and re-install it everything should work perfectly. it can be a little buggy since the change in servers.
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    I have deleted DA and then reinstalled it I am still getting the error message "error getting data:0" on business queries. The white pages works fine.
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    Most of the time, this error represents a "Not Found" condition. You need to make sure that you've got bothe the business name and the city (or zip code) right. For example, my test of DA is a search for a local donut shop called Pam's Donuts. If I do a search for "Pam's" it comes right up; however, if I do a search for "Donuts", I get the error you're seeing.

    Try a search where you know the exact business name and city (or zip).
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    where can I download a copy of the newest version? is this the best D/A app? I saw others on palmgear...
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