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    I use ZLauncher and the other day I was moving some apps to the expansion card to make more room. I remember the look of the screen looked similar to the main ZLauncher scheme. I had on the screen the folder icons and the icons for the Apps that I had moved ro the card and I was dragging and dropping files in folders that made more sense to me.

    For the life of me I can't remember how to get back there to manage the directories! Can someone please jog my memory?
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    It sounds a bit like the File Manager, except i can't drag and drop in mine. I can however see all my apps and pictures and folders, and move/copy them all. I guess you're aware of that though...?

    Ahah! Actually, it sounds like you were just in the ZLauncher category named 'Card'. This isn't a normal category that the Treo standard Applications uses, but ZLauncher seems to set up a cross between it's File Manager and a normal drag/drop category such as 'Main'.

    Tommy G
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    GOT IT - Thanks.

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