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    Is anyone else having problems with the spoken voices on Mapopolis on their Treo 600 after the update? I am.. It now only says about half of the sentence correctly.

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    I have used Mapopolis before and after the 1.20 upgrade and have noticed no difference.

    A few days before the update, I started using Sprint Business Connection personal edition, and noticed that this would interfere (obviously) with Mapopolis when mail is being "pushed" to the phone during GPS active routing.

    Sometimes there was a pause, and sometimes the audio garbles when the Treo is trying to alert of new e-mail.

    Frankly, I was amazed that the Treo handles this so well with an OS that is essentially non-multi-tasking. In the end, the audio from mapopolis plays, sometimes even while alerting of new e-mail, though with some garbling.

    Is this what you have seen?


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