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    I know that CDMA internet access is faster than GSM. But i like the color/weight of gsm t600.

    For massive SSH sysadmin, and some massive (20 emaisl per day of text only emails) and some cnn/google/slashdot surfing IS 33.6K enough?

    In my country gsm is only 33.6k
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    Certainly nothing wrong with GSM. I do quite a bit of sysadmin through my treo also.

    The GSM version has about 30% better battery life.

    The GSM version can take a phone call while connected to the net, although _not_ if actively transfering data.

    I routinely get 30 or 40 emails a day on the treo. No problem there.

    Here in the US, CDMA coverage is generally better than GSM.

    As you mentioned, Vision data speed is significantly faster than GSM. However, for most sysadmin, blazing speed is not required.
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    Thank you Jaytee,

    Is 33.6k enough for verichat?

    Do you know of any internet software that i will not be able to use because of this 33.6k?
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    For me, the T600 is to be my "ultimate" System Admin platform. Not sure it will be, but.....

    Its currently on Verizon, only because I know the coverage and reliability is mostly there.

    I'm trying to find a IM platform that I can rely on, right now I like the Chatter Interface/Functions better, but Verichat reliability more.

    I'm using pssh, and find that works quite well. Only down side is I can't go straight into my Cisco routers because they support SSH1 only.

    I also use WModem with Serial cable, the USB one ends up locking up on large file transfers.

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    That's my main usage:

    1. router access
    2. ssh to linux
    3. ticket system (Web based)
    4. pop3 accounts

    What's your speed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by

    That's my main usage:

    1. router access
    2. ssh to linux
    3. ticket system (Web based)
    4. pop3 accounts

    What's your speed?
    1. Our 6509's running native can't do SSH1, so I SSH2 to our jump box with pssh, then ssh to the router. I've realized this could be a problem if there was an internal routing problem or something.

    2. SSH2 to our BSD/OS and FreeBSD and a Linux system without a system

    3. Use Blazer to SSH to our RT system. Works pretty well. I've also tried SquirrelMail (Email System) and its a pain since it uses frames. We have a non-frames version out of CVS and it works fine.

    4. We use IMAP, not pop3. Sorry, not sure whats best for this.

    I'm not sure what my speed is, I never ran one of the tests. But its alot better than the 9600 off my StarTac.
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    for ssh1 try tgssh (Top Gun SSH) instead of pssh.

    I use SnapperMail... it supports pop3 nicely now and should 'soon' support imap as well. I have never had any big trouble with speed. The advantage of bringing up an ssh terminal session out weighs any speed problems

    I use Chatter for my IM needs. I like the way it consolidates all the accounts for each person (buddy) under a single 'contact' alias. I have several people I talk with often that have multiple personalities under AIM, Yahoo, and MSN. I also do _not_ have unlimted SMS, so I would rather not have SMS notifications coming in as verichat currently does.
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    I use verichat on the GSM version with t-mobile, Verichat works perfectly.
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    What's the speed of gprs with t-mobile?
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    Where you'll see a difference is if you use apps like to use your treo as a modem and terminal into your servers. I use Mobile TS (I run a few windows servers that I need to get into) when I need to, and it is slow and kind of hard to navigate around the small screen, but you can stop/start a service is you need to. I'm on Sprint (CDMA) and it is pretty slow but workable... Your email requirements don't seem to be that big, and the occasional surfing won't be that big of a difference between the two services, IMO.

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