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    I am looking for a travel charger that will let me pack light, and carry a minumum of cables.

    I carry an S&C cable, that lets me sync the Treo 600 and also charge it from my laptop. This works as long as my laptop is turned on.

    I already bought a car cigarette lighter adapter with a USB socket that I can use in the car. I keep this in the glove compartment... and will probably never use the device... but it was cheap and small.

    What I really want, and have been unable to find, is a wall charger that has the following specifications:

    - Small
    - No attached cable
    - USB connector so that I can use my S&C cable
    - Folding wall plug tangs so that it does not snag/poke holes in my bag

    I have seen them without the folding tangs... but I am not impressed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am looking for the same. Once I pack up my bag for work, it feels weighted down by all the Treo and T|T3 stuff that I carry with me. From keyboard to chargers, I'm just a walking computer on the move.
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    I should note that even if the wall charger is designed for some other product (ie: a cell phone)... with an incompatible cable. I do not mind buying the kit and throwing away the cable. All I need is the USB wall adapter with 5.5V output.

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    I will find the link, but I bought a "travel kit" that has a auto charger and wall charrger with no cable - you use your charging hotsync cable that comes with the Treo....... compact and I carry the hotsync cable anyway.....
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    each is also available separately.....
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    Check Here:

    Its got the folding prongs that you are looking for. I have one, though and i am not that impressed with the quality. I have another usb wall plug from zip linq, i think, i although the plugs dont fold, the quality is better.
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    I use the Boxwave Minisync with the available car charger and AC adapter. However be forwarned that many users have experienced AUTOMATIC HARD RESETS using these sync and charge cables! I would be very careful using the Seidio or Boxwave since it appears the connectors, if improperly or roughly inserted, can cause "battery reset disconnect" problems. This causes the Treo battery to disengage thus totally erasing the info ram!! Thus, I'ld advise you invest in a good backup software as well!
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