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    The other day I loaded PawerRUN 1.3 onto my Treo 600 (Iím a registered user and loved it on my Tungsten T). I tried to move some games to my SD Card and create a new tab for them. Every time I tried to select that tab my Treo would reset. Is anyone else using both of these programs? Anyone else having any problems with the combination? I deleted LauncherX and reinstalled version 1.1.1. Iíll try using PowerRUN again to see if works.

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    I used both for about 3 months on my Treo with no problems...was able to manage my apps with PowerRun. But decided to jump ship and move to ZLauncher.
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    I actually still use PowerRun with ZLauncher. ZL is good at doing apps from card but not perfect. It will not delete the RAM copy it has created until you launch ZL again. PowerRun deletes when you exit the app. ZL is fine for this under most conditions, just not mine since I use another button launcher and have to launch Dokusha (5.2 megs!) with PowerRun because its old and doest support VFS. Cant wait for MsMount to become stable on OS5....
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    I had the same crash occur when moving a PowerRun shortcut to a different category in LauncherX.

    Here's how I fixed things:
    1. Use the built in PalmOs Applications launcher to run PowerRun. Use PowerRun to move the app back to main memory.

    2. Use FileZ to find and delete the shortcut which will be on the Palm main memory (aka Palmcard) with asterisks, something like: appname**

    Now you are back to where you started, with a stable system. Now to do things so they'll work:
    3. In LauncherX go to Options, Edit Categories List, and use the arrows to move to top position the category you'll eventually want the shortcut in.

    4. Now back in LauncherX, that category should now be the first tab. Use PowerRun to move the desired app to the card and it will make its shortcut in that tab.

    5. Go back to Options, Edit Categories List and move the category tab back to the order you had it at the beginning

    As for why anyone would use PowerRun when LauncherX mostly replicates the functionality on its own? Mostly I don't, but there is the occasional app that won't run if LauncherX stores it on the card, perhaps because it gets separated from its settings/parameters which stay in main memory (PowerRun keeps them together).

    LauncherX's approach is normally an advantage since the settings get backed up in a hotsync, but the downside is that LauncherX frees up a bit less space by only moving programs where PowerRun also moves over settings.
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    Works for me

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