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    Sorry typo... 1.87 rather..i have always had verichat 1.87 on my machine but i have a few questions..

    First of all is it supposed to be black and white because it is on my Treo.
    The emoticons dont work.

    I i switch apps or even turn the screen off when i turn the screen back on and even if its still in verichat , the app is in the window where it sayd

    "Would you like to connect"
    to aim msn yahoo etc.

    I thought this app stays on the in background...

    Are these problems just im having or do i need to upgrade...
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    there is a 1.93 version that you should try a
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    Whenever you enter Verichat it will always ask you to log back in (or it will log in automatically if you have it set to do that). It does stay on in the background, sort of... You are logged in to the Verichat proxy server, and you get an *SMS* message if you've exited the Verichat app - it's only when you are actually in the Verichat app that you connect to the server and exchange IMs via the data connection.
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    Yes, make sure that if you don't want to rack up a bunch of SMS messages that you disconnect before exiting the app, then you won't show up as online anymore.
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    where do you see 1.93 at? The latest is 1.90b I thought.
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    I can't find a link to a 1.93 version, only a 1.90b. There was a page that I used to have bookmarked that had the beta versions, does anyone have it?
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    1.93s and 1.90b are both one in the same. As per PDAAPPS 1.93s was packaged the same and labeled 1.93 to sell externally. They assured me that they are both the same. Going from 1.90 to 1.93 nothing changed. I was still getting the same issues.

    As a heads up. I have been beta testing the new Verichat 2.x Its very nice and ALOT more stable than the current one. It now lets you chose DATA and/or SMS as your choice of communication. Alot of improvements that just being one of them. Should be out pretty soon.

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    how would it work with SMS? You can't even reply to a sms from AIM with Sprint but you can with any other company
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    the thing is
    before u start verichat it will asl for your

    so that when ur logged of verichat proxy .. your user will remain connected and any incoming msg will be forwarded to that email .. which then will come thru your sms ..

    Unconnected to proxy: (verichat running in background)
    VERICHAT PROXY ---> ----> YOUR PHONE (very late to arrive depends on your mobile provider)

    Connected to proxy: (youre on verichat)
    VERICHAT PROXY ---> YOUR PHONE (direct thru GPRS carrier)

    the thing i most annoyed is that my provider sends the sms very slow ... its like 1 hour then only i will get the message ...
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    i was never asked proxy but i still get my email routed to sms.
    i can reply too easily.

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