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    Is it just the demo version, or is Easynotes a bit of a pain to use?

    For example, in order to "quickly" record a voice memo you have to launch Easynotes, hit Menu, then you HAVE to click on New with your finger because it doesn't recognize the center button, then you have to click on the Voice tab with your finger, then you have to press the teeny tiny "record" button...

    Just based on the size of the buttons and text, and the multiple number of steps to actually get to the voice recorder, it just doesn't seem easy.

    If anyone has run across any OTHER voice records (other than Movierec which does video and audio and is a good model for how to make it "easy") I'd love to hear about it!

    I just tried the Audacity Personal demo - price is up there ($30), but it is MUCH better optimized for the T600 and laid out better overall, IMHO. I might just have to spring for it if I find myself using it a lot in the next 30 days.
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