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    It is not likely to be a conflict, since the kit functions perfectly for outgoing calls. The problem has got to be in the update.
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    unbelievable. after such a big wait and it still doesn't work. I hope the 3 of you are bringing this to PalmOne's attention. Be sure to ask them why they didn't bother to do any testing before releasing it.
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    What is even more unbelieveable is that Treocentral staff posted a message in this very thread assuring members that the car kit works fine, when there is an obvious (and repeatable) problem.

    I notice that they are now sold out of the car kit. They weren't when the update came in. Coincidence?
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    I purchased the THB TrendTalk DSP unit from TreoCentral last week planning to hardwire it in this weekend. After reading these posts I decided to do the plug-and-play install to test it first, and experienced the same problem -- doesn't work for answered calls, unless you release the phone in the cradle, and reconnect it after answering the call. That is unacceptable for a $219 device.

    Seems like a failure on several fronts ... PalmOne and Sprint for releasing firmware without doing the most basic of tests (how could you miss this), THB for not getting a pre-release from PalmOne and catching this (they stand to lose $$$ from lost sales and returns), and TreoCentral for stating, "This Car Kit works with all Treo 600 models." without plugging one in and trying it before shipping them out the door.

    You can count on me following up with all of the above, and then returning the kit if the problem isn't resolved promptly.
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    Anticipating the bulls**t we are going to get from Palmone, THB and Treocentral on Monday, I tried using the car kit after doing a hard reset on my T600. Same behavior with nothing installed but the ROM programs. The problem is not attributable to TreoButler, or Snapperfish or anything else.

    On another point: does anyone have an e-mail address for PalmOne? Every time I use the wizard on their site, I get forwarded to Sprint's web site. Sprint is the one company that has not made any misrepresentations about the car kit.
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    I have been speaking with Alan Jarvis at THB. He knows it is a software issue. He has told me that he has been on the phone with Germany and the people at PalmOne are aware of the probelm. He felt like there would be a fix sometime this coming week. Don't cross your fingers though.
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    When I tested the Car Kit earlier in the week, I only dialed my Voice Mail and made sure I got sound out from it. Before the firmware upgrade, there was no sound at all from the car kit, so I assumed it was good to go since palmOne was stating that it was compatible after the upgrade. By your posts above it seems like it was a bad assumption - I am going to verify myself shortly.

    We will get an update from THB on Monday. In case there is a compatibility issue that can't be resolved quickly, we will issue call tags and credit the Sprint user's purchases.
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    My order from TreoCentral arrived yesterday and I've decided not to even open the box pending the next post from Marcus. I'll be very disappointed if I have to send it back.
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    Thanks for following up with us on your weekend Marcus. I'm glad to hear that you plan to work this out with THB on Monday.

    Please answer a few other related questions for me. What is the purpose of the second headphone jack on the right side of the TrendTalk DSP? When will you be selling the VoiceTalk DSP, and how close is THB to having the VoiceDial software ready for the Treo 600?
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    I can now confirm that there is a car kit issue when answering an incoming call. The only known workaround is to slide the phone up and down on the cradle before answering the call (the phone does not have to be removed from the cradle, and it takes about a second to peform the slide manuever).

    We are sorry we didn't catch this before the Car Kits shipped to Sprint users. We figured palmOne had tested the firmware with the Car Kit thorougly, so I didn't spend much time testing all the aspects of the kit. Guess we were wrong.

    I will make calls to both THB and palmOne on Monday, and hopefully we can get this resolved quickly. We will issue call tags to any user who wants to return the car kit before this gets resolved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MMorrow
    What is the purpose of the second headphone jack on the right side of the TrendTalk DSP? When will you be selling the VoiceTalk DSP, and how close is THB to having the VoiceDial software ready for the Treo 600?
    There is a second jack in addtion to the privacy (headset) mode jack? I will check on it. I have heard no word on the VoiceDial software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus
    There is a second jack in addtion to the privacy (headset) mode jack?
    Yes; there is a button to toggle privacy mode, the jack for the privacy headset, and then an additional headset jack right next to that. I thought at first that it was to allow for two headset to be used, but I hear nothing when I plug one into it. It is shown in the TrendTalk DSP instruction sheet, yet the diagrams don't show it's use ... just curious.

    I'm more curious about the VoiceTalk DSP (assuming the Sprint problem is resolved), such as its availability and cost through TreoCentral. So far I'm impressed with the construction and sound quality of the TrendTalk DSP, but would prefer the features of the VoiceTalk DSP for my other two cars.
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    I have calls in with both THB and palmOne, but no concrete information on a fix yet.
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    I have the car kit an it's great. Much better than the Motorola kit I had for the V60. almost as good sounding as a headset!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy
    I have the car kit an it's great. Much better than the Motorola kit I had for the V60. almost as good sounding as a headset!
    Which firmware are you using and are you having problems answering incoming calls?
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    Still no update from THB. I will call today. I am not feeling good about this situation.
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    I know the issue will get resolved, just not sure on the timeline. Hopefully they will quickly release a CarKit.prc file for the Sprint phone that addresses the issue.
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    I just got off the phone with Travis @ THB. He informed me that it is definitely a software issue and PalmOne is aware of it. He also suggested that as many people as possible send PalmOne an email complaining about the problem. Maybe that will help speed things along.

    As an aside, the only way I could figure out how to email PalmOne support was to go here:

    and then choose Palm Type: other. Anything else seems to send you to the carrier website.
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    I've sent my message to palmOne, and will let you know what (if any) response I get. I agree that a high volume of complaints is likely to get the problem resolved quicker. Here's what I sent --

    I purchased the THB/Palm Car Kit last week, after successfully installing the Treo 600 Updater 1.20 (Sprint PCS).

    This software upgrade reports that, "The palmOne car kit now is supported", however I have come to find out that the phone can't answer calls when installed in the car kit. How is that "supported". I purchased the Treo 600 last December with the promise of a car kit being available by April. It is nearly June, and it is still not working, and I've spent $200 in order to find this out. I, and multiple users on the TreoCentral discussion board with the same problem, would like to know what is being done to correct this problem. When do you expect to have a patch available to fix this?
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    Here is what I posted:

    I purchased the THB/Palm Tro Hands Free Car Kit last week after Palm One released the Treo 600 Updater 1.20. With that update came the promise of a supported palmOne car kit. This is not the case and that statement is, at present, false. I cannot use my car kit to answer incoming calls with my Treo. I can only make outgoing calls. This defeats the whole purpose of the car kit. I have spent a significant amount of money on the kit and installation (more than on the phone itself) and I am totally upset. Please tell me what you are doing about this problem and when it will be fixed. If not I would like to be repaid for the cost of the kit, installation and deinstallation.
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