I use "Memo" to make notes on my Treo 600 which I would like to export to a proper database. I find I can't export all the data (Title, Date, Category) from Palm Desktop. I'd like to export my Memos to the AppleWorks database (I don't need anything big & clever like FileMaker).

Is there/where can I find a database application? Here's what I want to do.

I create a Memo with a temporary Title, Date it and Catogorise. The body contains notes of one or two lines which I prepend with the current date and/or time. So I have Memos:

Title: 15.05.04 (I change the title when the memo is completed)
Date: 15.05.04
Category: MyCategory!


15.05.04 10:10 (I use the date & timeshortcut on my Treo)
Some notes I need to make
10:11 Some other details
10:52 Another detail
16.05.04 8:45 A note line from another day

I _dont_ need to have a field for different dates in the Text - just one Text field.

Getting my data into AppleWorks database would as I say would be fine. Or I am clever enough to have MySQL running on my Mac....

What do I need?