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    I have a Treo 600, and my wife has a Tungsten E. I cannot get Palm Desktop to work with both.

    When I install PD for Treo first followed by PD for Tungsten (a newer version), everything works for both handhelds EXCEPT that the Treo Pictures conduit does not work.

    When I install PD for Tungsten first followed by PD for Treo, syncing with the Treo does not work at all.

    Does anyone know how just to install the Treo Pictures conduit (which specific files are involved) or have any other suggestions how I can solve this problem?
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    BTW, the main reason I care about this now is that with the 1.2 update, the pictures from the Treo 600 are noticeably better, espeecially inside. Not that it's ever going to replace even a cheap digicam, but it's actually usable now.
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    i have a treo 600 with a tungsten c, and i installed the treo desktop after the palm one and it combined the features of both into one as the treo uses diff section for pics than my tungsten u just have to switch the user up in the drop down box in the upper right to veiw the correct device
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    If you want to hotsync both, a Treo 600 and a Palm device on the same computer, install ONLY the Treo version of Palm Desktop. The Treo version will allow you to hotsync ANY Palm OS device to the same computer.

    If you install the Palm Version of Palm Desktop, you will nly be able to hotsync a Palm device.

    The Treo version will allow you to hotsync any Handspring, PalmOne, Palm or Sony (Palm OS) device to the same computer.

    I have a Palm M125, a Handspring Visor Deluxe, a Handspring Visor Edge, A treo 90, and a Treo 600, all hotsyncing to the same Windows XP Pro computer. I am only using the Palm Desktop software that came with the Treo 600.

    I saved all of the User files to my desktop, did a FULL uninstall of the old Palm Desktop software and a CLEAN install of the Treo 600 version of Palm Desktop, then, after hotsyncing the Treo 600, proceeded to hotsync each of the other devices, (starting with the Visor Deluxe and working up to the Treo 90), and everything hotsynced to it's own profile. I did not need the data from the saved user folders and deleted them from the desktop.

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