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    Someone, please look into this.

    Third party software is not the cause of this. So:

    Does anyone else around here with 1.20 have this problem?? I'm sure you're out there, because my newest newest phone that comes with it From Palmone ( I never flashed it ) is affected.

    Urgh. Is it just that no one else disconnects when they're finished with their online business?
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    I rarely explicitly disconnect. I've seen the pause twice now, but I don't k8
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    I have a slightly revised theory about what causes the hang. I beleive it happens for me when Sprint Business Connection is keeping the connection active. I think the OS needs to wait until this app cycles (I think it wakes up every minute or so) to notify it that the network connection is going away. I'll bet that the third party apps requested this change so they know when a connection comes and goes.

    I don't use TREO Butler, but it may also keep a dormant connection open and have the same issue.

    It's just a theory... I turn my phone off every day at work because of Sprint's crappy signal and the resulting battery drain. This delay is certainly very annoying...

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