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    I did a search and found nothing on this. I had been using the old web viewer and it worked just fine. I just installed the new version and everytime I go to a new web page a box comes up titled user permission check. It asks if webviewer can use airtime minutes to send or receive via an http connection. Yes is highlighted and you have to click ok every time it comes up. Is there a way to stop this from coming up every time. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Nope, it will indeed come up every time - no way to stop it.
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    actually there is a way: dont use the final release of the java runtime. use the beta version. i've tried both and there are virtually identical in terms of performance with webviewer, the only exception being that you dont get the annoying pop ups that u do with the full version of the runtime.
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    Thank you. I will go back to the beta and take the newest one off. Thanks Again.

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