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    if someone emails me with a doc. file attached how would i bring the file onto my treo 600 to view in dataviz?

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    I use versamail and snappermail

    both of them allow user to save attachment into the SD card.
    Versamail allows you to view the attachment using DataViz (word / sheet to go)

    have not tried to view attachment from SnapperMail yet
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    I am rtrying to use docs to go that came with it with goodlink - but i get an error saying the application for this type (.doc) could not be found. It will allow me ot vewi as text but not as native Word..any ideas?

    Goodlink 3.0 and DocsToGO 6.x that came with the Treo 600.
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    Hey I solvde the issue with Dataviz DocsToGo - seems the original Treo image never had some files it needed although they are in the addon. There are a bunch of them - see this support thread for details.

    Now I can see Word and Excel files natively.

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