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    Hi all,

    unfortunately, the 160 chars limit in SMS is back for me :-((( I have original unlocked Cingular GSM Treo 600 that I use with the SIM-card of Ukrainian GSM operator UMC. With International FW 2.08 I have no problem and can enter into SMS message up to 600 chars. After upgrading to 3.04 I found out that I have the limit of 160 chars in SMS. It was quite long discussion in this bord if it is carrier dependent. According to GSM specs it isn't, but it did not help so I downgraded to 2.08 to have long SMS available. Today I upgraded to CNG 3.05 and alas - now I again can input only 160 chars in SMS message.

    Any ideas are really appreciated.


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    Hi again,

    now I'm more than confused... I had an idea that Treo keeps some info regarding the wireless network where it was registered even after hard reset. This could explain why some of us had 160 chars problem while the others did not. I found in Palm knowledgebase so called Battery Disconnect Reset. Article says: "A battery disconnect reset will erase everything on your device, and also reset the wireless radio and disconnect the internal battery. All your data will be removed, and formats, preferences and other settings are restored to their factory default settings."

    I did it and even my date went back to 01.01.2004. After that I performed upgrade to Cingular FW 3.05. And I still have this 160 chars issue. I'm lost.

    Please help

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