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    Does anyone use the Today app (v. 2.1) by Jonas Lindstedt? (

    I like the app alot, but can't get it work reading my email. The email app has no available options, so I'm not sure how to configure it. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks.
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    Check the other threads here.

    The app is great (in my opinion) and free, but the author has stated that he wrote it for himself to use, and as such, the email only links with Versamail and nothing else, so it can't be configured for email
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    I found the other thread while searching for my own! (smile). Sorry for the hassle. Thanks for the info.

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    Does anyone know if the "TODAY" author is still available? Would be nice if Author or
    someone else could work the code to make it even more versitile and usefull than it
    already is.

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