I have seen a few posts with suggestions that a small number of people have had problems doing firmware updates.

I have a a very specific problem that occurs on ANY and ALL of the currently avaiable GSM updates including the ORANGE firmware and the most recently posted 3.05.

I am using TokenWriter to set the token differenty as needed for each FW

I am (except for with the orange FW) getting the error message regarding the Zlib and I am simply answering OK to this. I have established that on the Orange Hardware Rev 'B' the Zlib file is in Read Only Memory (ROM) and that is the reason for this error. Others on the forums report they have this issue but are still able to update.

So to my (and others?) problem

Once the FW update is started I am presented with the PalmOne logo and an Initializing ...... Every few seconds this is replaced for less than a second with a Device Customizer screen with an OK and Cancel button. No matter how long I leavfe the device for this loop continues.

A reset returns the phone to normal (but not upgraded) state.

At this point there is a new DC (Device Customiser) application in the launcher. Starting this causes a dialog to check power is connected and then proceeds. This application simple pauses for a few seconds and returns to the Power connected dialog and so the loop continues.

Any help ? Please!!

I have been working to fix this for hours and simply can't find a way round. I would love to find a way if only for my sanity.

I look forward to any help or suggestions.