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    I want to be able to email pictures to people. I have the smtp gateway that my provider gave me: However I have no POP3 server and no need for it. When I try and email a picture however it wants to connect to a pop3 server before it sends the picture out the smtp gateway. Is there a way with palmOne's mail client v1.02a to do this? Or any other way?
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    Have you tried thppfft's picture mail replacement?
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    It sounds like the program is running pop3 identification before smtp send. Looking at my copy of palm's email program, under the edit account function, in the 'Advanced' Tab, there is a place that says:

    For Outgoing mail sever:
    User Name:
    Password: -POP3 Password-

    It looks like the program fills this in automajically with your pop3 credentials. What would happen if you removed the username and password? Will it then try unauthenticated smtp?

    Of course, then the question becomes, why does your mail server allow unauthenticated smtp!?

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