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    I have Yahoo alerts set up to notify me via an SMS when I receive an e-mail with certain "keywords". I have about 10 keywords set up. It's been working fine for a long time but as of a week ago, I have not been getting alerts for e-mails. I checked my settings on Yahoo and they seem to be fine. I am still getting alerts for major news items and stock alerts. I am only having problems with the e-mail alerts. Anyone else with this problem and have you found a solution?
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    I haven't gotten email alerts lately either.
    Although my news alerts are working fine.

    Until you mentioned this, I actually hadn't realized that they weren't coming thru!
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    Same here. It was great when it worked. Anyone have any idea what the problem is? I had alerts via AOL when I had AT&T. When I ported my number to Sprint (for Treo 600 service), I lost AOL alerts on the phone.
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    I just ported to AT&T Wireless, and lost my sbcglobal (yahoo) alerts - anyone getting theirs on AT&T Wireless?
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    i get a text from orange everytime i get an email and its great
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