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    I have never used shortcuts on my Palm.
    I want to use shortcuts like [br] and have the Treo600 type “breakfast meeting” . What are the specific steps I use to do that? I don’t quite understand how the Treo600 would know that every time I enter the text string of “br” that it should translate it to breakfast meeting. Is there a menu or shortcut key that I must first hit?

    Thank you.
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    It's not really "short" if you use it, but:

    Press 's'
    Press '0/Alt' and scroll down to the shortcut key icon
    Select it with the center button then type the shortcut you'd like (such as br)
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    Thank you. Got the shortcut to work. I think I now see why people are using the free software called Shortcut5 so they can immediately have that one key correlate to a message with a few thousand characters.

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