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    I want to use my SD card safely on the Treo600 so that I donít lose all my data.

    First, I formatted the card on the Treo600.
    Is it now safe to use that card in my PC card reader. It seems that some SD cards get corrupted when you go between different hardware. Is that true?

    I now want to transfer a few mp3 files to the card. I know I could do that thru the card reader. However, if I wanted to do it thru the Hotsync process from my PC to the PDAís expansion card, could I use the PalmInstaller or the PilotInstall?

    Sorry for the long post and THANK YOU for educating me.
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    yes, and I've done it. It does however seem to take an extremely long time. It's much fast to just install them via a card reader.
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    That's an understatment
    Transfering MP3 before i got card reader was abot 6-8 hours to transfer 100 megs
    Now with Reader 100 megs is just a few seconds with USB 2.0 Card reader.
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    Card reader, no problemo and fast fast fast....

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