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    Hi all,

    Recently when I try to make a call, the call does not got through and I get a "Network Search" message that appears on the top left hand corner. I noticed that this started soon after I bought a charger from the SPrint Store. Anyone else have this issue and what did you do to fix this?
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    A search on "Network Search" should reveal to you countless threads detailing this issue. Get your phone exchanged via Sprint. It's related to the battery somehow. If you put your phone on a charger it should work, but when the battery is about halfway down, the Network Search issue rears it head. My 3rd (P1-branded) Treo doesn't seem to have this problem - it was a replacement for my 2nd which did...
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    Generally, it is a good idea to search the discussion board prior to posting a new question. If you searched for "Network Search" you'll find several pages of prior threads discussing the issue. My personal favorite is:

    Quick summary for you: For most others who've had this problem, this indicates the beginning of the end for their phone..... Go to your nearest Sprint store to order a replacement. If it's happening intermittantly now (usually at lower battery levels), it will get worse and eventually you won't be able to make any calls without being plugged into a charger. Good Luck

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