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    How has your Treo 600 treating you? Any problems yet so far?

    I'm dismayed at the current Treo600 situation in Australia. First, the cheapest price i can find is online at $990AUD which is $680US dollars. Secondly, i cannot find any brick and morta retailers or telcos selling it to the public. I went to several Telstra and Optus store and resellers and nobody know what the Treo 600 is?? There are no advertisements, reviews, publications or promotion on the Treo 600. Very sad here in the downunder.

    For those who have been using your Treo 600 in Australia, please provide some feedback to your experiences so far (good or bad)

    I want to find out more regarding:

    Where did you get yours?
    Does the Telstra or other telcos offer technical support?
    Any horror stories on your Treo 600 breaking down like those in this forum?
    What's the best advice for someone who wants to get and use one in Australia?

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    You can find it in Harris Technology.
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    Hi ykelvin

    Thanks for the link. except that the price isn't anybetter at over 1 grand. Maybe HT is better than others at taking back returns if something is wrong with the Treo?

    I am hoping to get subsidizes from telcos if they can offer such deals to sign long-term contract.

    btw, what's your treo600 in Australia experience like so far?

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    I finally spoke with an optus reseller and he is able to offer me AUD$750 for the treo 600 to sign a 1 year contact.

    Has anyone taken the offer? The fear i have is that optus doesn't even advertise this phone anyone, i am afraid to the lone ranger out here using the phone and optus cannot support it in the future.
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    So great with Treo!! Much much better than my nokia 6600 and ipaq 5450. image that make a call, organize appointments and contract, listen to music (256 SD card), take a picture anytime u want even take a short video with voice, all those functions just with one Treo 600. What u do think, get one right now?!!!
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    hi ykevin,

    what network are you with? what data and voice plans you have?

    Did you buy unit separate from telcos? or did you get a subsidies?

    Any things you dont like about your phone?

    thanks for your replies
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    OK I used my British Orange Treo 600 in Aus in April. I could only connect to GRPS via Telstra for contractual reasons, and GPRS worked fine in Sydney and Melbourne but I could not get a connection at all in Brisbane and I don't know why.
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    I have been watching the Treo 600 closely in Australia since it was released. A friend on 'the inside' let me know that Optus got the 600 approved and on the books on April 1st or thereabouts, and I placed my order shortly thereafter.

    It finally arrived at OptusWorld Sth Melbourne last week and I haven't looked back. They have it available on a range of plans with the pur
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    Congrats mowog! I too have been watching the Australia situation closely and also waiting for the price to decrease a bit. After hearing all the horror stories here, i am more than apprehensive to get one.

    Can you tell us more details,

    how much did you get the treo for? did you sign a contract? get subsidies?

    Is the phone sim unlocked?

    what are your data and voice plans rates like per month?

    How's the optus network signal reception on the treo?

    Have you experience any things you dont like or if you have called optus tech support before?

    Were you able to receive and send email with GPRS successfully?

    For some reasons, i think that Telstra is not promoting Treo anymore in Australia, my only hope of getting one with a contract plan discount is with optus i think.

    thanks for reply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    how much did you get the treo for? did you sign a contract? get subsidies?
    Optus have the phone on their books, so you can get it with a subsidy just like any other phone on the market. I got mine on a 24 month contract which put the price of the phone at around AU$550, which worked out at $22/month over the term of the contract. They have a sliding scale which means you can get it on a shorter contract (or without a contract) but you pay more for the handset either up front or over the term. Be aware though that they have a long backorder wait for it -- I ordered mine the day after it was listed with Optus, and it took 5 weeks to be delivered.

    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    Is the phone sim unlocked?
    Yes -- it's completely unlocked, and had an early -INT firmware on it when I got it. I've already upgraded it to the 3.04 firmware and it works brilliantly.

    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    what are your data and voice plans rates like per month?
    Mine is on Optus' AU$99/month plan, which includes $99 of call costs (and/or GPRS usage from memory). I haven't selected my GPRS plan for the long term yet, because they give you the first two months GPRS usage free. I think the standard pricing is a AU20c flagfall for the initial GPRS connection and then AU2.2c per KB of data used. I'm a bit unhappy with the flagfall, since I rarely manage to keep a GPRS connection active for more than a couple of hours, so that might end up getting expensive. In comparison, Telstra don't have a flagfall on GPRS connections, but I refuse to use them for other reasons...

    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    How's the optus network signal reception on the treo?
    So far so good -- I live and work in inner Melbourne, and haven't been bush with it yet so the reception has been excellent. The call quality has been as good as any other phone I've had (I've used Telstra GSM prior to the Treo).

    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    Have you experience any things you dont like or if you have called optus tech support before?
    I haven't had need to call tech support, and I don't expect I ever will. There's usually not much they can do that can't be figured out for yourself...

    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    Were you able to receive and send email with GPRS successfully?
    Definately Data is my primary need for the phone -- email, sms, web browsing, and SSH. So far my GPRS experience has been far, far, far better than on my old Treo 180 with Telstra. The T600 with Optus is easily 5-10 times faster.. whether that's the phone or the network I'm not sure. Probably a combination of the two, I would think.

    Quote Originally Posted by gelco
    For some reasons, i think that Telstra is not promoting Treo anymore in Australia, my only hope of getting one with a contract plan discount is with optus i think.
    I think its still available with Telstra, but you have to ask for it. I had to explain to the OptusWorld guys that yes, the phone *has* been approved and yes, you *do* have it available.. if I hadn't been persistent with them they would have told me it's not available.

    Hope that helps

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    I bought mine at Harris Technology 4 months ago for $1150.

    I am using it on the Optus Network. I had some problems at first getting data services to work, but OPtus support sorted it out.

    I am delighted with the phone, other than that the speakerphone has a bad echo problem (same as all the others, I suspect). I plan to call PalmOne about it next week to see if replacement handsets no longer have this problem.
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    Thanks all for your feedback, they are very valuable to my decision to give the Treo a go. Let's see what i can get out of the Optus shop in my neighourhood. I will update as soon as i find out something.
    thanks again!
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    Boy where do I start, we have been testing the treo for some time now as a replacement for our aging fleet of ericsson R380’s. The final two in the test pool were the Treo and the SonyEricson P800/P900.

    As we have in car kits for the Sony phones the P800 was ahead in the race before we even turned a phone on. However the P800 has shifted to internal antenna’s and suffered badly from signal loss.

    At the end of the day, the treo won and we have just purchased forty seven of them, the purchase was split over a couple of hits. 1, 2, 2, 2, 40. one of the reason you may have trouble finding resellers for the phone is they are hard to get.

    We are registered with the importers as mobile phone software developers and can buy them at wholesale rates. During the testing phase we have to buy 4 units at retail price. At the end of the day we did a deal with Crazy Johns corporate for the purchase of the 40 units, and we paid around 900 per unit inc gst and we can pay them off interest free through our Telstra corporate account.

    The purchase breakdown was as follows

    The first three units were from the importer at just under 900 inc gst, the next two were from WOW sight and sound in Brisbane at 990 inc gst, the next two were from Harris Technologies at 1145 in gst and then the forty from Crazy Johns corporate in Brisbane.

    The units work well, we have had one die on us, it was a complete system failure not power at all, that was one of the units we purchased form WOW in Brisbane and they replaced it on the spot. The built in handsfree is not worth a cup full of cold water, but after saying that we have pretty old firmware and can’t seem to find where you can get and update from. Palmone Australia advised me to come here as they did not support the latest firmware.

    If I had a grip it would be no Bluetooth, no wifi and not multitasking by the os. I new going into the purchase the unit did not have Bluetooth and wifi but I am a little miffed that palm have external Bluetooth cards but no OS5 drivers.

    As far as data costs we pay a 20 connection fee and .43 cents a kb. We have the option of going to plans that have no connection fee but they are based on a per phone basis where this plan is across the entire account. I have written a little program that stops the unit from idle time out disconnecting during our work hours. Once the user activates the gprs its on until sometime after 10pm that night. This means only one connection cost per phone per day.

    Anyway its good to seen we are not the only bunnies using the phone, have a great day
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    the_wal, thanks for your post and a great insight to the corporate world dealings. I am acutally surprised the wholesale price to be that high at around the 900 mark. I would expect it to be lower and a better margin. Sad to know that things get so expensive after travellling all the way down here and after all the import duties added on.

    There's a post somewhere in this forum about the 3.04update. I think mowog has also done it based on what was posted above.

    Any chance you can offer your "GPRS always on" program to the Treo community? maybe shareware. It's a great practical solution to save money on the flagfall.

    I think at the end of the day, the Treo 600 (to me) is one of the handful of combo devices that actually is practical in many aspects (form factor-not too big not too small, PDA+Phone - less to carry, PalmOS - thousands of apps to do almost anything)
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    Hi gelco,
    Your are right about the prices, there are no import duties anymore since the introduction of the “GET STUFFED TAX” “GST”. Don’t forget these are outright buy prices, the prices you see advertised in the US usually involve lengthy connection contracts with the Telco.

    I am quite happy to share my connection program I just need to do a little work on it first, I don’t currently detect pending auto disconnecting I just now what my auto timeout is (1 hour) and trigger a times event to connect then disconnect from our server causing the timeout counter to reset.

    Once I figure out how to do this with out involving our server and maybe being able to read the timeout figure from the OS I will share will all. The program also records to database when the gprs connects and disconnects.

    I will keep you posted.
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    The 3.04 firmware and instructions for upgrading can be found at This was the document I followed to upgrade my T600 to 3.04.

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    I have had my Treo 600 for 3 weeks now. Bought from Calculator / Organiser King (Melbourne) for $990. Upgraded the firmware right away using the FAQ mowog mentioned above. No problem with my current call plan. My advise to anyone consider buying is not to consider any further! It's a great phone. If you're already a Palm user, jump right on - you will love it!
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    My current firmware after purchase is 3.05
    Software Treo600-1.12-ROW
    Hardware : B

    I take it that this is the lastest.?
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    I bought my second hand on eBay for AU$680 inc a 64MB SD card. I previously had a Treo 270. I upgraded with the 1.12 updater and it is now firmware 3.05, Software Treo600-1.12-ROW

    I'm on Telstra and was able to just put my SIM in and away I went.
    GPRS prices are very expensive in Oz 2.2c/kilobyte or $15/mth for 2MB of data = very expensive

    Still recommend the Treo 600

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    I've had mine since Feb / Mar this year. Pestered a Telstra Premium dealer to get it for me. The dealer is located in Warriewood Mall Ntn Beaches Sydney, FWIW you can also get them from Harvey Norman. Have a friend at the distributor, he confirmed that they were/are in very short supply. Also saw one in the new Apple store at Warringah Mall recently. Can't believe that the telco stores don't stock and support them, Australians are extrordinarily badly supported when it comes to PDAs in general. There is a good store in Melb, Calculator King / Organiser World, knowledgable and helpful staff, plenty of accessories for Treo in stock.With regard to the Firmware, the Palmone (US) site and scroll to the bottom, you will find the international, or generic update. I installed this as soon as it was available. If you give the distributor (brightpoint) in Frenchs Forrest a call, i'm pretty sure you will find this is a supported update. I find it hard to believe that anything important in these updates could differ from carrier to carrier the whole idea with GSM is portability? I mean sure they might like to hack their own splash screen into the boot sequence, but I imagine thats about all. I use Telstra, but my phone works perfectly with Voda down here to. Oh I believe National Australia Bank is looking at them for their admin/exec staff, hope someone in their IT dept knows about good technology co.
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