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    thanks for the repost.
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    from palm website:
    At least 12MB/1,200KB (Mac) or 6MB/6,000KB (Windows) free memory on your Treo 600 (how to tell how much free memory you have). The free memory accommodates the update application on your device; the application will be removed from your device (and the memory freed) when the update is complete.

    typo in the 1,200KB should be 12,000KB
    palm webdesigner please correct this...
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    There's an alledgedly official update on Can anyone confirm whether this is Official or not? Only it's not an official website or anything.
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    It's the unofficial 3.04 (been out for a while)
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    No, this is different, it's only been up since 12/05/04.

    look here: update list
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterBrown
    No, this is different, it's only been up since 12/05/04.

    look here: update list
    That's 2.12 though. We're waiting for the official 3.04
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    My Orange Firmware is currently 1.15, if this is 2.12 then that's an upgrade and surely I wouldn't be expecting to see anything else soon would I? Are there any rumours about Orange releasing 3.04?
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    the palm1 page lists "coming soon" for ALL the GSM carriers. and considering we already have had the unofficial version of 3.04 for weeks now, I don't see why we shouldn't be expecting the official any moment now. especially since sprint's update was released yesterday. If you want to be notified as soon as it's available, fill out the form on the palm1 page linked to in the first post.
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    It's the same as the 3.04/2.12 we already have.
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    I wish it included updated PIM apps that come with the Tungsten T3, but it doesn't.
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    i read from other post saying the sprint upgrade screws the sprint treo up. i hope when palm one releases the 3.04 for GSM, it won't happen the same way.
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    The new firmware for GSM is 3.05. It's available from
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    Ok, given that I have only had my Cingular Treo 600 for a week. Who is going to be the guinea pig to update first and report back???
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    Is the firmware carrier-specific? If so, then we t-mo folks might expect to wait 4 more months for ours!

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