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    I had a new Treo 3 Treo's ago (sigh) and I am sure that it shipped with some extra apps - Data voc Docs to Go - allowed me to read Word, Excel and PPT as well as some SPlah list stuff.

    My third Treo is a refurbished one and it is missing those apps.

    Can someone confirm the original had the Dataviz reader apps - I used GoodLink and it worked great on my first Treo!

    I want to call Sprint and tell them they need to find a way to restore what I bought - get the software to me or give me a new Treo with a complete image.

    Has anyone else come across this issue?
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    they are on your install cd. if you don't have that you can download the T600 specific palm desktop that should have them. I also think they are in your handspring directory onyour pc. there's an extras folder or something like that.

    hope that helps
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    Geez I am losing it these days! The add ons are in the "add on" dir under Palm! I have been struggling with this latest refurb - seems when I install apps I end up in a constant reboot cycle and I then have to backtrack and start all over.

    I am going nuts! What pisses me off is I never had issues with any of thehacks like Launch This or SYncALl with either of the first two Treos!

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    Weird. It is installed but when I open the attachment using Goolink 3.0 and select view high quality it gives me an erro saying the application to open this type of attachment could not be found.

    Dataviz says docs to go can view word files. SO far I can only view as text...

    I saw WordToGo in teh same add on dir and installed that - it is on the Treo now but does not seem to work and does not show up in the launcher.

    ANyone got DOcs to Go working with Goolink?
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    Replying to the various treads on this Hey I solved the issue with Dataviz DocsToGo - seems the original Treo image never had some files it needed although they are in the addon. There are a bunch of them - see this support thread for details.

    Now I can see Word and Excel files natively.

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