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    I'm definitly going to get the TealAuto program soon. (I downloaded the PDF manual and am quite impressed with it.)

    But with regards to keyboard-based Palm launchers, which one has the better functionality, and which one is more T600 compatible: CoLauncher ( or Teal Launcher ( Anybody have a preference?

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    Zlauncher with Hi Launcher rule! I also got arrow launcher for fun, totally new concept.
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    I'd go with HiLauncher too. I used CoLauncher for awhile, but it hasn't been updated in a long time AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $and$ $does$ $not$ $have$ $T600$ $nav$ $support$, $whereas$ $HiLauncher$ $has$ $complete$ $support$ $for$ $the$ $dpad$ $and$ $is$ $extremely$ $customizable$. $Good$ $luck$.
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    Teal Laucher recently upgraded. Looks okay, but it didn't really grab me, ya know?!

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