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    Wondering if anyone has any info other than what's one their website about release for a treo specific version. Also has anyone been able to set up a button to automatically record when pressed?

    thanks all
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    Seems to work for me, but don't know how to setup a button to automatically record when pressed. I would like to know the answer to that my self if its possible.
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    I was wondering the same thing about a one button voice recording app maybe mapped to one of the useless side buttons. Until then, I use qlaunch and have mapped audacity pro to the phone button on the treo 600. I have qlaunch set so that when I press the button once it opens the phone when I hold the phone button down it opens audacity. Then I mapped the record button to the phone button in audacity.

    It isn't perfect but I think it is the best solution for the time being. Say I am driving down the road I hit the phone button once to turn the treo on, then I hold the phone button down to launch audacity, then I press the phone button to record, then turn off the palm to stop recording. It works pretty much hands free. I wish there was an app that worked like the i500 one button to start recording there isn't yet.

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