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    I have a Treo600 and now just bought an expansion card. I am a newbie to both.

    I understand that the safest way to prevent data loss on the expansion card is to format within the Treo 600.

    When I want to move a bunch of mp3 files to the card, what is the safest way? I have a card reader on my PC. I also have PiloInstall. I also have fileZ on the PDA.

    What is the simple and safe way to get the mp3 files to the PDA expansion card. Thank you.
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    HI i am in the same position how did you do it
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    by default, the palm OS places all audio files into the AUDIO folder of the SD card. The fastest and easiest way to put songs onto your card is by using the card reader and copy/pasting the files into this folder

    works great!
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    I agree with Broberob - use your reader, if you have one. It is perfectly safe (in my experience), a lot faster than HotSync'ing, and (with all due respect to the Treo), a lot easier to do with Explorer (or some equivalent).

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