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    ok.. about to take the plunge... hope this works

    edit: Charge battery charge!! 96%
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    Quote Originally Posted by lb505
    When I try to insert an attachment in the new mail program, I get a soft reset. Anyone else have this problem?
    Same happens here, I have been using the GSM mail version on my Sprint (the version that was on the boards for a few days a while ago) and didn't have any problems with attachements. Now when I hit insert attachment, boom, soft reset.
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    you know what?

    im gonna hold my horses, sprint.

    these kinds of HORROR stories remind me of a certain KENNY ROGERS song - whose lyrics go ... "YOU GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD EM.... KNOW WHEN TO FOLD EM.... KNOW WHEN TO WALK AWAY... AND KNOW WHEN TO..... RUN! "

    im walkin away from this cesspool until its safe to update - WHAT A NIGHTMARE!
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    I DID IT!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry people, forgive my excite.....oh hell, dont forgive it.
    I did the update and for the life of me I cant figure out why so many people have had so many problems.

    All my apps work as they did before the update....and yes, can you tell that I'm happy!
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Quote Originally Posted by tjd414
    Piece of cake --

    Backed up with BackUpBuddy
    Hot Synced
    Installed Updater
    Added Backgammon

    Everything works
    Ove 1 thoussand possible variations of apps loaded on palm 5 software.
    Many of these apps are "Hacks" so they are not truely compatable with palm OS.
    They can not account for everything.
    Clean Install with default apps loaded and you see not trouble.
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    You shouldn't have to redo the upgrade, hard reset and it will stay intact. Delete the unwanted file(s) from your back up directory on pc or sd card and restore (I think)
    Thanks my man! Worked like a charm. Hats off!
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenman
    Has Anyone noticed an improvement in the CAMERA????????????????
    None at all. Wishful thinking though.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    After reading and worrying for two days, I took the chance and it went through the update flawlessly and after testing all the Apps (including Snapper, Web, ShoutCast, PTunes, etc.) everything works! Even the 4,500+ addresses in my Contacts and phone book are there.

    (I did save everything with BackUpMan before I did anything just to be safe)

    I am now installing some upgraded versions of other Apps that needed the 1.20 updater.... we will see how that goes!

    Have a great weekend updating yours and good luck!
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    battery charge before update: 96%

    11:34 -- update started
    11:49 -- update complete

    snore... wake up to pile of drool

    11:55 programs almost restored
    11:57 programs restored

    No problems or concerns!!
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    Just did the upgrade - 0 issues. Did as many others did :

    Full BackupBuddy Backup
    Hard Reset
    Created a new profile (called update)
    Synced the Update into the phone
    Phone updated (problem free) @ 64% charge while sitting on cradle
    After phone reset, exited updater software
    Did one more hard reset to clear out "updater" profile
    Re-Synced my original profile
    Worked perfectly.

    All is good
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    successful update with no (real) problems on a "converted to verizon" treo. i DID have to restore the verizon PRL using PST after the update.
    -- derby
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    I went through the update and resynced to outlook but it erased all my date book entries from both outlook and the Treo!

    Please tell me someone has some idea.

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    if u dont have backup man.. now u know why you should...
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    If you are thinking about updating, there is no need to think about it. For voice recording alone it is well worth it. I did not do the last update because for me there was no reason to. At least I could not think of one. The only problems that are occuring are due to third party apps as mentioned by many posters. A buddy of mine has probably 2 third party apps installed on his T600 and did the install with no problems at all. Since he had no problems following the instructions at the PalmOne website, I figured I would do the same (I never follow intructions doing anything but wanted to be safe). I have alot of third party apps installed. First thing I have to do is thank TreoCentral for having this forum and the posters in this thread and all who have helped me in the past. Following the instructions was a nightmare. Following a poster's instuctions worked perfectly which are below. It was so simple. I now can record just my voice and now have video with sound which is awesome. Thank you again. This is off topic and have posted in the communications section, but does everyone get the box User Permission Check using the New Webviewer Version that just came out. It didn't do it with the old one but now it does every time I open it up and go to a web page. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


    Backupman for full Backup (I never had one but needed it anyway) well worth it
    Hard Reset
    Created a new profile (called sprintupdate)
    Synced the Update into the phone
    Phone updated
    After phone reset, exited updater software
    Restored from Backupman
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    any one else lose the ability to use sheet to go? please help
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    maybe i'm blind but i dont see a demo.. i meant a demo for my phone.. not some online demo ><
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    new issue.
    if i have launcher X open and i use move rec to record a video.. right when it normally play the video back and ask whether or not to save.. it resets..
    if launcher x is off it doesnt reset
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    any way to go back to the old software. maybe if I install the older update. any one know where I can get that.
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    I crated a profile called Clean. It has basically nothing in it....just did the sync after a hard reset.
    By using my SD backup the update went faster than having to sit through 2 full synchs (and hoping everything gets synced).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgarza
    any one else lose the ability to use sheet to go? please help
    Sheet to go works fine.

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