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    I just received a 7 pc package of things sold on eBay by "rjackson72" doing business as PDA and Cellular accessories. I was mainly looking for a sync and charge cable (combined) as well as a car charger. When I looked at the specs, the OEM charger from Motorola that came with the Treo 600 has an output rated at 5.2V and 1.0A, whereas the one I received that was supposed to be compatible with the Treo from eBay was rated 12V 400mA. Is this going to do some serious damage to the unit since the ratings are so different? Any recommendations on where to buy a charge and sync cable as well as a car charger? Also, has anyone purchased these items from this seller and have any personal experience?

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    Cheap crap that you buy on ebay is just that - cheap crap.....

    The stuff you purchased is generic and made to fit a whole slew of products - none of them properly.

    Yes, most of this stuff will harm your Treo. Boxwave sells a retractable sync/charge cord that works well, but is a bit fragile. For Treo stuff I'd recommend buying only OEM - and it's not even that expensive if you buy from someone like Dan's Cellular (ebay store)


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