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    To those that use the headphone adaptor, can you hear incoming calls when listening to apps like mp3's? I currently use the Seidio headset, but am thinking of changing to a regular headset using the adaptor.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Dear 2fly4u,

    I use the Handspring headphone adapter and I think it depends on what you mean by, "... hear incoming calls".

    At work, I'll plug in my headphone adapter to my Sony earbuds and launch P-Tunes. While I listen to my music in stereo, if a call comes in on my phone:

    1- P-Tunes with pause playback.
    2- You will hear the ringer assigned to the incoming caller.
    3- The standard pop-up box appears to let you Answer Call or Ignore Call.
    4- If you answer the call, you will hear the caller in mono, but channeled through both Right and Left earbuds (it also works this way when you hear the ringer).
    5- When you speak on the phone you will be using the speakerphone, which I think works pretty well since no-one has complained about the quality (so far).
    6- Hangup the call.
    7- You must restart P-Tunes to again continue where you left off with your MP3.

    Sorry if above is lengthy, but I wanted to give you enough info to comare with the Seido 2-in-1 adapter.

    Dave Lindberg

    P.S. On a side note, what are your thoughts on the Seido 2-in-1?

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