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    I'd like to trade in my old Treo 300 (snapped lid)
    for a replacement Treo 300 and was wondering
    if the call list/history gets transferred via hotsync?
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    Hum, I'm not really sure but I know that if you have sprint, you can go to their website and get a detailed summary of the call to and from your phone. I had to do that just this week because my phone was out for repair and my computer got fried the same week so I lost all my hotsync info. I think hotsync is only good for basic phone systems info, like documents, calendar and program. The call log is based on your service provider. That's just my two cents.
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    Call history, favorites and pretty much anything else that's a sys preference or history gets backed up. The only thing you may ever mis after you restore your data from a HotSync is a very few aplications that you had added later may be missing. That's because the developer chose not to set the backup flag on the file - the backup flag tells HotSync to make a copy of the file to your PC.

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