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    In an effort to make more room on my Treo, I would like move some of my apps to my card. If I use FileZ to move an app like AvantGo to my card, will it work OK? Do I just move it over there then operate it just like before from the home screen with it being stored on the card?.

    As a pretty new user I hope thismakes sense because I don't really know how to phrase everything yet when I ask questions. Thanks for your help.
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    Some programs will work that way, some don't like being on the card. But if you use a launcher like LauncherX or ZLauncher, they have fancier ways of moving the apps to the cards and putting subs, or links in, so it looks like the app is on the treo when it's really on the card. I think Avant Go was one of the tougher applications because it's updating webpages with every sync. I haven't tried moving it over yet. I recently switched from LauncherX to ZLauncher and that's one of the things I want to try moving over.

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    Power Run works great on the Treo 600
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    I "Moved" Avantgo to my PalmOne card to give me more room since it looked like it was a really big set of files. Yet after the "Move" and running a AvantGo sync and successful test of getting the data, it looks like there a still some very large files related to AvantGo still on the main memory such as AGDocsMw with the creator AvGo with a size of 1644.13. Does anyone know if since I moved the AvantGo app over to the card with a shortcut on the main app list, if I only moved a little part of it with the rest required to be in memory. Or, perhaps, did I move it incorrectly. I moved it "and all associated files" with ZLauncher leaving a shortcut in the app list.

    I hope this makes sense since I'm not real sure about this yet. Thanks

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