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    Anyone have an archive of the pre-disk-crash thread with instructions for setting up and running a server to push live gameday audio to the Treo via shoutcast and P-Tunes deluxe? I can kick myself now since I didn't download the instructions when they were up and now they aren't among the legacy threads that were recovered (searched for OR game day audio)?

    Alternatively, does anyone know if any vendors have or are planning to release an AM radio tuner for the SD slot? I think FM versions exist, but I can't get my local games on FM right now.

    Thanks for any help?
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    Bump: One more try to see if there's anyone out there who can provide guidance on how to set up shoutcast to stream audio to my phone. Primarily for purposes of MLB Audio.

    Also, before the data loss, there was a link to a utility which automatically emailed DSL users when their Dynamic IP address changed.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I understand that <> will handle the dynamic IP address issue (I haven't used it).

    Conceptually it's pretty simple. Sign up for Gameday audio on your PC. Start the Real or WMP stream, bridge the audio to the shoutcast server and voila. I was intrigued by this, but unless I'm mistaken nobody ever figured out how to automate this so you didn't have to manually start the Gameday audio stream on your PC. Surely it wouldn't be too hard for some of the tech savvy folks around TC.

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    I believe Sprint is going to be offering this as a service in the very near future...
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    Where'd you hear that? I'd sure go for it, if it weren't too expensive.

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    hey there-

    i am the orginal poster of that shoutcast thread for audio. sorry to see it was lost. i'll give it another shot.

    basically if you signup for the gameday audio, $10/year on you can listen to live radio broadcasts of any mlb game on your computer using windows media player or real audio. this doesn't work directly on the treo at this point, so i devised a work around...

    the method involves setting up a shoutcast server on my home computer and rebroadcasting the game to a shoutcast server and then using my treo and pockettunes to listen in to the live mlb radio broadcast. maybe in the future real player will support it gameday audio directly on their treo app, but it doesn't right now.

    anyways heres the steps to do this, note you need a pc and a treo with pocketunes to do this:

    1) signup for gameday audio at

    2) download shoutcast server and read about setting up one on . it's really very easy to setup. it's only a little difficult if you are behind a router or firewall and need to forward the shoutcast ports to get it to work. if you have questions read the FAQ there, they're more helpful than i could be.

    3) tune in to the live game on your pc. if you're not at your pc during the game, use a vnc client on the treo to login to your computer and turn on the shoutcast server and gameday audio. (it's easy once it's all setup) palmvnc is what i use:

    4) now you have the shoutcast server installed and properly configured and gameday audio playing on your pc speakers. the next step is rebroadcasting it via shoutcast. when the audio is playing on your pc you have to choose the "What U Here" option in the shoutcast server as the output to be broadcasting. then whatever is coming over your speakers will be on the shoutcast server, ie the gameday audio. if that doesn't work try some of the other options for sound outputs. but that should work, it does for me

    5) use your treo and pocket tunes to tune into your personal shoutcast server. if you have a static ip address than it's easy because it will be the same ip address every time. if not, use a program like the free one at which can email you your pc's ip address every time it changes, in case you have a dynamic ip address. the program sits in the systray and anytime your ip address changes it will email you the new one to your treo or any email address. this way you're never without it. (this has a lot of potential uses ie vnc, etc... other than this shoutcast method)

    6) use some headphones to listen to the game

    7) enjoy!

    if you have problems/questions post here and i'll see if i can help.

    go yanks!
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    one more thing....

    i def recommend using an app to personally email yourself your changing (dynamic) ip address rather than a service like and because then only you will know your ip address.

    if you use a semi-permanent ip address like those services offer, the downfall is people will be more likely to port scan you for vulnerbilites in your system. if you use the other method the only way someone will know your ip exists is by sweeping a range of ip addresses and if yours responds.

    basically the systray app from is a little safer and easier to setup, so use that
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    Thanks much. Only problem is that the answer (and original post) came from a Damn Yankees fan. Go BoSox.

    Seriously though-- Thanks.
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    I have the Shoutcast server, but I don't see where to specify the source. All I get is the DNAS configuration text file. Do I need to install Winamp, or can I continue to use either Real Player or Media Player to be the source, and can you give me any guidance on how to connect them up to the server?

    Never it working with Musicmatch and Winamp with the plugin and the Shoutcast server. Just had to fiddle with it long enough. Now only issue seems to be adjusting the settings to get decent playback of the stream. Balancing quality with bandwidth of the Treo I think.
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    How much battery does this eat. Can the Treo stay on for a full game?
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    Is there an ip application that will look up the IP from a router, like a Linksys cable/DSL router? I'm fairly lucky in that my ISP give 4 day leases, so I can get by for a couple days, but I have no way of remotely getting my router's WAN IP address if they change it on me.
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    See wahooka's post #6 above: I haven't had time to set any of this up yet, but Wahooka recommends a free utility at which will email your new dynamic IP address (when it changes) to any email you want, preferably an email you can retreive from your phone or by text message (for example:

    I think this tool would be able to grab the ip address from the router as well, but I'm not certain about that since I haven't tried it yet?
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    See here:

    "Sprint to offer baseball audio..."
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    WOW! Wahooka, thanks for the awesome tutorial!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indicator
    See here:

    "Sprint to offer baseball audio..."
    Treo 600 not supported--ARGHHHH. It's Mobi-TV, which as we know, does not support the Treo.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mathewlu
    Treo 600 not supported--ARGHHHH. It's Mobi-TV, which as we know, does not support the Treo.


    BUMMER! Sorry I didn't catch that. Hopefully Mobi will someday support the Treo. Meanwhile, there is fortunately a fix for all you die-hard fans.
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    Whats the best bitrate people have been able to get using Sprint and Shoutcast. I think I am settling on 32kbps 22khz (streaming mlb radio). The problem is, with the low bitrate, the lag is pretty long.

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