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    can someone help me to solve this problem.?
    Whenever I tap Sim Phonebook or Sim Services applications, fatal error occured with the following message Memory /Mgr.C, Line 43.40 Null handle.
    I have plenty of memory space as this is a newly bought Treo 180.

    Thank you

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    ... are usually related to old or improperly written software. First, I'd hard reset the 180, and install the newest OS/firmware for it, which I think is the GPRS Updater 1.2 or something. Then try the sim book app. If that doesn't work, also get a new sim card. Sim Se˘
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    Be careful in applying the GPRS updater as there are a number of users that eventually rendered their phone useless. Not all phones can be updated. Please check for software conflict first or newer version of the application in question. Make sure it supports your device and version of OS.

    Please read the PalmOne support site carefully if you really need it.
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    Thanks for the advices.
    I hard reset my Treo 180 and now everything is working perfectly.
    After the hard reset, the setting is back to the original factory setting and I don't have to download any software.
    Thanks again

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