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    It is cheap, and works (according with the manufacturer) with the treo. If the treo itself is some sci fi device, with a virtual keyboard projected in any flat surface will be more ohhhhh! factor.

    If somebody can test it and post comments... thanks
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    There are several Virtual Keyboards on the market. Having used one, I found that its recognition was slow - ie. you type a character but it didn't appear on the PDA 'instantly'. There was a delay. In normal daylight situations, it wasn't too clever either. Sometimes it would register a key press and other times it wouldn't + it was really difficult to see the image. Maybe a case of light pollution, dunno.

    The VKB model you mention uses a Class1 laser so recognition may be faster and the image brighter...

    Pretty trick stuff
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    We actually ordered one of these (from the above link in fact) last week for a tablet PC our CEO just purchased. Unfortunately we found out Monday that they're out of stock and don't have an ETA for arrival of their next shipment since they're being distributed in differing allotments to different sellers.

    I'll definitely post a review when we finally get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by javzar

    ... works (according with the manufacturer) with the treo...
    Interesting, because I actually spoke with the manufacturer about a month ago just as they were getting ready to release it and they told me it is NOT compatible with the Treo.

    That said, this yahoo shop has it in their drop down list, so who knows...
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    Anyone get one of these in any hands-on tests yet? I am very interested for both the Tablet PC and the Treo 600.

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