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    Pay Attention !!!
    I bought stylus pens from styluscentral, but the reset pin isn't long enough for the T600 !!!

    They did not mention this in the product details !!!!

    Pay attention
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    Quote Originally Posted by carloritoll
    Pay Attention !!!
    Not to be rude, but maybe you should have paid attention and did a search on this board before purchasing (and before posting). This has been discussed several times on this board for the past several months. Anyways, you won't find a pen-stylus replacement out there for the Treo 600 that has a reset pin.
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    I don't think that should be very necessary always to find posts on this board before purchase anything.
    It's a question of commerce clarity !!
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    I've got a stylus pen with a reset tool that works. See this thread:
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    No you shouldn't have to do a search before you buy anything. Then against there's a certain amount of cavaet emptor with everything. In this case the warning was there already so why warn us again?
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    Geez, the dude is just trying to be helpful - no need to jump down his throat.
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    It's nice having a pen, but after the end cap came off for the 100th time, i ditched the whole idea. I even "gummed" up the metal on the pen to make it harder to come off.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    The "3 in 1" pen has been renamed "2 in 1" for some time because it doesn't reset (it's a pen, it's a stylus, but it's not a resetter). The web site says "Includes Pen and Stylus Point only".

    Not that I'm defending their product - it's almost unfathomable that they could release a product and call it "3 in 1" for like 2 months before they realized that it never, ever, ever could do a reset. They stink.

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