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    i need to access a https web site that restricts users via ip address, for some of my other employees (full computer users) this is what i do
    1. modify their host file to point the website address to
    2. make a port forwarding ssh connection to my linux server ie -L port:iport then on the browswer connect to the local host @ correct port..

    anyone have any ideas on what i might think of doing for a tre 600 (t-mobile)
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    I don't think there's any way you can port forward with the Treo.

    Just VPN in...
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    Hmmm...not sure about this but I was under the impression that PalmOS does not yet support daemon processes running in the background (at least until Cobalt). However, this may change shortly...

    However, you might wanna checkout Apliware since they may have a VPN client that supports SSH port forwarding...
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