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    I keep trying to sign in but it keeps saying my connection with the server was lost...

    Just started around 6 tonight (Pacific time).
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    online right now... dunno.
    2:30 eastern (10:30 pacific?)
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    I had the same problem yesterday as well. Seems fine today.

    The company makes a big deal about having to maintain their servers (which is why they do yearly subscription licensing).

    Because of that, hopefully this was a blip and not a normal thing, otherwise, I am gonna roast them.
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    It would have been fine except it stopped working with me logged in and people kept IM'ing me and I couldn't "CHAT" with them....
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    The last couple weeks I've had trouble logging in and/or maintaing a connection in the mornings, i.e. between 6:45 and 7:45am EST. Not every day, but at least 3 days in the last 2 (business) weeks. Hopefully it's because of maitenance in preparation for the rumored "big" upgrade.
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    I've also had some problems getting Verichat connected in the mornings...not everyday, just seems to be the days that I need it! The problems go away after about 30min or so, or so it seems.
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    I can't get my security key at all

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